well about this matter first of all I must say that I was unable to respond before because our Thilbo facebook page was blocked due to a report of a fan art nsfw, I beg all my apologies for that :)

1.-Okay I must say that I am not the only person who manages the site.
2.-We never did anything for profit, never we attribute the fan arts as our ._.

3.- In fact more than not having time to put the links or have them on hand we must confess that we have never had the habit of putting the links or sources, but you should know that almost on every page of facebook (others fandoms) the managers forget to write links, which I do not justify but is true.
4.-We only want to have fun with fandom, Thilbo is my beloved OTP and I love to see the material distributed fandom brings, which is welcome and greatly appreciated. I know it very well because I am an artist too. We created the site because we wished to have a place for Thilbo from the moment we saw that beautiful embrace of Thorin and Bilbo on facebook, and we did it grow it until now.
5.-We are already adding the links and sources of fan arts that we have posted :) but we will do it from now on!
6.- Very sorry for all the misunderstanding or inconveniences~


about this…well I just said the truth : /

anyway, Thilbo rlz for ever!! 

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I’m so happy because Spirk day will be very soon (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚